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Warranty Transfer

RoofTite’s warranty is not assignable by operation of law or otherwise. Application may be made by a new building owner for reissuance of the warranty during the original warranty period. Certain procedures including, but not limited to, an inspection of the roofing system by a RoofTite Representative and non-refundable $1,500 fee will apply to any reissuance. RoofTite reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to reissue this warranty.

If a roof inspection is conducted by RoofTite and it is determined that non-warranty repairs are necessary to ensure the integrity of the roofing system, the new owner must engage a RoofTite Authorized Applicator to make the necessary repairs. If repairs are outlined and a second inspection required verifying compliance to RoofTite specifications, RoofTite will cover the cost of the 2nd inspection. Any 3rd or subsequent inspections will cost $500.00 per project. A non-refundable payment of $500 is required to initiate the 3rd or subsequent inspections. Upon approval of the transfer inspection by a Field Service Representative, the warranty transfer will be processed.

A non-refundable payment of $1,500 is required to initiate the transfer process. Please complete and submit the following information. Upon receipt, A Statement of Balance Due will be forwarded with pertinent remittance information.


Onsite Inspection Contact

New Owner

Authorization Contact

(Party authorizing transfer and responsible for costs involved)

Is a Roof Consultant involved?

Are there any known conditions, including leaks, that could negatively impact the roofing system?

Email Addresses for Electronic Warranty Delivery

Submitting this warranty transfer request hereby notifies RoofTite Warranty Administration of Transfer of Ownership. You will receive an email acknowledgement and statement of balance due to initiate the warranty transfer process.

Please confirm all information submitted is accurate for reissuance of the warranty. Any changes necessary after issuance is subject to an additional correction fee.