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Warranty Revision / Alteration Procedures Form

RoofTite recommends periodic roof system evaluations to ensure the roofing system is performing as intended. We suggest regular maintenance inspections be conducted by a RoofTite Authorized Roofing Applicator or by someone specially trained in single-ply roofing installations. However, even with the most rigorous reviews, roofing systems can be damaged by flying debris, other trades servicing rooftop equipment, etc. Regardless of how the damage occurs, it is important to understand how to both protect your warranty Investment and prolong the life of your roofing system. Following these procedures and recommendations can ensure repairs are performed accurately so that the warranty duration and coverage remain intact.

  1. Alterations to the Roofing System must be completed by a RoofTite Authorized Applicator. The RoofTite Authorized Applicator must notify RoofTite when the revision work is complete.
  2. Solar panel installations entail additional documentation and require building owner authorization. Please refer to RoofTite’s website to review the proper documentation needed for Photovoltaic installations.
  3. A RoofTite Authorized Roofing Applicator must perform all revision work.
  4. At RoofTite’s discretion, a RoofTite Field Service Representative may conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with the current published RoofTite Specifications and Details. The applicator will be notified of the results. Current inspection charges and expenses will apply.
  5. When the revision or alteration is completed in compliance with the above procedures, RoofTite will notify the building owner that the warranty is being continued.

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Building Owner Information

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Authorized Applicator Information

Submitter Information

Submittal of this form serves as confirmation that the revisions were completed as detailed and that your company will accept responsibility for the performance of the workmanship of the revisions for a period of two (2) years.